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Solar PV

Still a fantastic investment for domestic and commercial projects, Solar PV has boomed in the UK and is now affordable for everyone.

Why pay more? Utility prices will continue to rise and Solar PV will be a major need by the year 2020.

Look at what you can currently do

  • Generate your own electricity
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Get a tax free income
  • Sell all excess power generated

When choosing Zion Energy, you will be able to get a full calculation of what your system will generate annually and the rate of return on investment.

We specialise in domestic and commercial projects and you can recieve a 20 year payback period from the feed in tariff on all installations.

Our design team can cater for any budget and we are proud to offer a range of best selling panels from manufacturers we know and trust. When choosing a panel we advise you to look at efficiency, value, aesthetics and warranties.


Solar PV panels vary in efficiency and a s a rule the more you are willing to pay the better the technology and the more efficient the panel. We would like you to think about this as if you have a small roof its best to get the most efficient panels. If it’s a large roof you can get better return on investment with less expensive panels.


The cheaper the system the better rate of return on investment. On the other hand the more expensive the longer they last and perform more consistently all year around.


Panels come in different sizes, some have a blue look, some have black hexagon shapes, others are all black. Each customer is different so we cater for whatever type of panel you want. An alternative to panels is using solar tiles.


When looking at the warranty of a panel look how long the manufacturer will guarantee the workmanship and then look at the performance of the panel. This will indicate the decline over the panels lifetime.

Solar PV is a quick and easy install and a good investment for anyone interested in saving money on their bills while also getting a return on their investment.

Storma Certified
The Certification Mark for onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies – MCS