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Green Deal Assessment

A green deal assessment takes into account the occupancy of the dwelling and from its results can give a financial plan for a client to receive proposed measures such as a boiler or insulation to upgrade the energy performance of the building while in turn reducing the client’s energy bill.

The aim of the assessment is for the client to payback the government loan through “savings” on the utility bill. This means that the client should not be using their income to pay back the loan.


Loans are based on the usage of energy within the dwelling. We analyse the bills over a 12 month period to find out this information. This means that a low energy user will not be entitled to as much of a loan as a high energy user.

The good news is that no matter what the usage the occupants can maximize their measures by topping up with ECO funding.

Renewable technologies are also on Green Deal but customers may need to pay a contribution towards the install, but they are still entitled to a return on investment through a feed in tariff or a renewable heat incentive.

Storma Certified
The Certification Mark for onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies – MCS