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Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

These certificates are mandatory for commercial premises when being sold or rented. Different to domestic EPC’s the calculation is still done using a SAP procedure but the software usually called ISBEM takes into consideration each building envelope, meaning each room.

With a domestic EPC the building envelope is seen as the property as a whole meaning the measurements can be taken from the outside, commercial EPC’s are much more accurate as measurements are usually taken inside the property and the building is split into zones.


A rating is again given to the dwelling from A to G and the occupancy is not taken into consideration. The aim of the EPC is to give the buildings overall performance based on the measures within the building, which in surveys on commercial dwelling will include not only boilers, walls, roofs and windows etc, but also air conditioning systems and different types of specific lighting.

Storma Certified
The Certification Mark for onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies – MCS