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Boiler Upgrade

As we are experts in energy efficiency we will survey your boiler to see how much you can save from the installation of A rated condensing boiler. We may be able to offer the boiler as a free replacement under the ECO affordable warmth scheme

If you have an oil or gas boiler that is over 5 years old then give us a ring to arrange a survey. New A grade boilers will help you cut your energy bill by 30% and will also help give off fewer CO2 emissions.

Modern boilers are more efficient cause they are condensing boilers and if we can improve your heating controls this will also make a significant difference to your homes carbon dioxide emissions.

Choose the right boiler

Contacting an expert from Zion Energy will ensure you get the right advice to suit your home.

Storma Certified
The Certification Mark for onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies – MCS